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Secure Data Center     Device Monitoring with Auto-Alerts    
Secure Data Center

Brought online in 2001, our Secure Data Center previously served as the nerve center for a multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical distribution company.  Constructed to protect against the physical forces of nature, our Data Center offers an ideal environment for Data and Application Security.

Critical Data
Via our Secure Data Center and partnerships with other Service Providers, your critical business data is protected, encrypted and accessible 24/7 via the internet.
Safeguard Critical Data
Secure Facility

Constructed to withstand hurricane-force winds, our Data Center provides a protected environment for Hardware / Software / Data.

Redundant Power

The entire facility is powered by an Un-Interruptible Power Supply, and is also backed up by an on-site generator. Systems are isolated from any disruption, whether short or long-term, to electrical power.

Internet Connectivity

With dedicated internet access, the applications hosted within our data center can be accessed 24/7. Firewalls are in place to control system and data access.