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Secure Data Center     Device Monitoring with Auto-Alerts    
Device Monitoring with Auto-Alerts

24/7 Remote Monitoring of all devices on your network. Auto-alerts allow pro-active issue resolution

Critical Data
Via our Secure Data Center and partnerships with other Service Providers, your critical business data is protected, encrypted and accessible 24/7 via the internet.
Safeguard Critical Data
On-Site Data Mirroring

Utilizing an on-site, Network Attached Storage (NAS) Server, data snapshots can be taken as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Server Virtualization

In the event of hardware failure, NAS Server can be placed in "virtualization mode" to continue running enterprise applications.

Data Redundancy

In addition to data being mirrored to NAS Server, data is also maintained offsite at two separate data centers.

Economic Off-Site Storage

Rates as low as $.70 per GB.

Multi-Server Capabilities

Capability to backup up to 10 production servers to a single NAS Server.

Cost Effective

Turn-key Solutions start as low as $200 / month.